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Aliveri is a modern town in South Evia and is the economic and commercial center of the region. Located 50 km from Halkida, it is built amphitheatrically in the hills and near the ancient city of Tamines known for the temple of god Apollo.

The port of the area is Karavos, a small coastal settlement with a harbour and many restaurants, cafes and ouzeri on the beach.

Some of the most interesting attractions of Aliveri and the surrounding area is, the medieval castle Rizokastro near Milaki, the church of Panagitsas, the Mycenaean tholos tomb near the village Katakalou, the village Prasino with the church of Taxiarhis, the traditional village Partheni, the church of Agios Lucas in the village of Agios Lucas, the Venetian Tower in the area of Trachili and many more.

For swimming you can choose between the beaches of Pontikos, Akti Nireos, Rifi and Kabo. These beaches are ideal for those hot summer afternoons and are perfect for a refreshing swim.

Aliveri is known for its large electric power station in the area of Milaki, as well as for the cement factory Aget-Hercules. Other economic activities in the region are the development of Renewable Sources of Energy to create new wind farms, and mining of limestone and black and gray marble.

Also there is a great development of fisheries production due to the operation of many fish farms in the area.

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