Guide to South Evia - Greece

Like the northern and central regions of Evia, the southern part of this unique and delightful island is filled with many beautiful spots and destinations that are ideal for your holidays.

On arrival, the first thing that stands out is the dominating mountains, for which the southern part of Evia is well known for. The setting here is simple beautiful, and along with luscious and rich vegetation, flowering plants and trees, and streams of cool spring waters, the region is one of immense tranquility and inspiration.

As with the other parts of the island, South Evia has some wonderful beaches, and the blue crystal waters of the Aegean Sea make it a haven during the hot summer months.

There are some very beautiful towns and villages in the south of Evia, including Karistos, Marmari and Amigdalia.  These three coastal towns are amongst the most famous in this part of the island, and are very popular with visitors.

Looking outwards from the coast of Marmari, one can see the charming island of Petali, and the smaller island of Hersonisi. This creates a beautiful setting to the region, and from various points in Marmari, one can enjoy some truly spectacular panoramic views.

There are many interesting sites and places to visit in the southern region of Evia. In the port town of Karistos, located in a small beautiful cove, there are some wonderful places to visit, including the old castle that stands proudly on the seafront.

The port in Karystos, as well as the other port in the town of Marmari connect to each other, as well as to the port of Rafina on the eastern coast of Athens / Attica. This ideal connection makes travelling to the southern region of Evia very convenient and hassle free.

Ferry boats operate on a daily basis to and from these two ports in south Evia.  The port of Rafina is just a short distance away from the Athens airport, making travelling to Evia a very simple journey.

The towns and resorts in southern Evia have a great infrastructure for tourism, and visitors will be able to find a great choice of accommodation and hotels spread out all over the area. The region of south Evia is a very popular part of the island, due in part to the easy access by ferry from Rafina.

It also makes an ideal base from which visitors can venture out and explore other parts of the island, including the central and northern regions. The main road that runs through the island starts at Karistos, and passes Marmari and Styra as you begin to head towards the central part of the island.

South Evia is a perfect destination for your Greek Island holidays, and it is a very popular destination, especially with Athenians. There are places all over the region providing a variety of settings for your holidays, and whether you are looking for one filled with activities and adventure, or one where you can simply recharge your batteries as you unwind in the tranquil setting, southern Evia will be the ideal place for everyone to visit.

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