Omiros Luxury Hotel

The Omiros hotel is a completely new and wonderful boutique hotel, with a special ambiance and excellent care and attention paid to every detail, creating a comfortable and unique setting for our guests.

Located in Loutra Edipsos on the gorgeous island of Evia, down the middle of the city, the Omiros Hotel is just few meters outside the port, the beach, the spa baths and the market. The Omiros hotel is a new selection for your accommodation in the region of North Evia.

It's proprietor, Leonidas Koutsikas, who spent Twenty years living in Italy, has effectively managed to transfer elements, colors and ambience, from this spectacular neighboring country, and give the hotel a unique personality, through its structures and design, that has been personally chosen.

The hotel is a new building which combines luxury, modern comforts, a friendly atmosphere and promises special moments of relaxation and enjoyment throughout your stay. There is 1 suite and 13 double rooms, fully outfitted, with each one having its own distinctive character and personality. The rooms are all very comfy and thoroughly furnished, offering accommodation of the highest quality.

The meeting point of the hotel is the warm reception hall with its bar, which offers a very warm welcome to all guests. Exactly the same quality and hospitality is also provided by the sun kissed cafi bar Omiros which is situated in the hotels garden.

The enchanting atmosphere of the hotel, and the polite service of our staff, offers the essence of our warm hospitality, while the unique attractiveness of the scenery, in combine with the historical sites, and the various outdoor recreation promises an amazing stay.

The rooms have an independent balcony with views, where some balconies are facing the sea, and some the green garden and the encompassing mountain area. Each room, has its own name such as "Roma", "Firenze" and "Venezia" in addition to its own character. Each room has as a common base, the luxury, the classy decoration, the warmth and the peaceful feeling.

All of the rooms with the Hotel Omiros combine the luscious materials, warm colors, and styles in rich and modern patterns that form to create a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Omiros Luxury Hotel
5 Omirou Street, Edipsos
Evia Greece

Tel: ( + 30 ) 22260 22978
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Mob: ( + 30 ) 6938 434996
MHTE: 1351K012A0007901


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