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Lefkanti is a coastal village located between Eretria and Chalkida, on the western coast of Evia island. It is a beautiful location for your holidays in Evia.

During the summer months the area attracs many visitors as the majority of them come to this area to visit the cafeterias, the tavernas and restaurants that are located along the beach.

Apart from the beach of Lefkanti that stretches for about ​​2 km, there are more beaches in the area suitable for swimming such as the beaches of Linovrochi, Agios Andreas and Vourlaki. These are all lovely beaches and are ideal for a refreshing swim during the hot summer months.

Archaeological excavations that took place in 1964 by the British Archaeological School, revealed the archaeological site of Xiropolis which is located east of the village. These excavations were completed in 2003 by Irene Lemos.

Attractions in the area include the "Memorial " in the area of Touba which dates to the early 10th century B.C. and was used as a house by the local ruler. It was then turned into war memorial after his death.

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