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The beach of Chiliadou is one of the most famous Greek beaches, located on the eastern coast of Evia and is 54 km from the city of Chalkis.

During the old days Chiliadou was the base of operations for pirates that roamed the region. The beach owes its name to the chapel of Panagia (Panagia of Chiliadou) as it is believed that it was the thousandth church built by Empress Theodora.

Chiliadou is a wonderful beach with unique natural setting that is similar to an exotic landscape. Everywhere you will find dense vegetation of plane and chestnut trees while the various rocks scattered on the beach and in the sea creat several other small beaches and bays.

There is also a river that flows into the eastern end of the beach. A part of the beach (mainly northern edge) is used for nudism and in many places you will meet tents for those who enjoy to go camping.

Due to the northern position of Chiliadou, the area is frequently exposed to strong winds, especially in winter, so many times the waves flood the streets and approach the adjacent settlement.

Along the beach of Chiliadou are many rooms to let that offer accommodation to visitors to the area. There are also cafes, bars and restaurants to rest and taste delicious dishes of meats and fresh seafood.

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